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No Deposit Solar

We’ve grown to take our power for granted and the reality is that the constant rise in electricity bills has forced us to recognise and change our behaviours.

Or you could just install a Solar Energy System from SEM Group and use as much electricity as you like.

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Fight Back against the Rising Cost of Electricity with a No Deposit Solar System from SEM Group

It’s easier than you think!

Step 01: Request a Quote

We’ll touch base to chat about your home and current energy use.

Step 02: Investigate Your Options

Next, conduct a thorough investigation of your property and existing technology.

Step 03: Your Proposal

We’ll formulate a bespoke, cost-efficient solar solution and price for you to approve.

Step 04: Apply for Finance

Get your solar for $0 upfront when you purchase your system under finance.

Step 05: Installation Day

Once finance is approved, we’ll make a date with you to install your system.

Step 06: Enjoy your New System!

Enjoy more affordable power – so now you only need to pull out the candles on date night!

Our customer service doesn’t end there. We’ll closely monitor your system and if a rare fault occurs, we will dispatch a technician immediately without any action required from you. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get you started so you can put the Christmas lights up early this year.

What makes us different

We don’t skimp at any stage of the process.
We provide you with all the top quality products that pass the harshest tests.

Engineered for Australian conditions

SEM’s solar systems aren’t just engineered to suit each individual location’s needs. Our engineering, construction and installation experts deliver efficient solutions that are made specifically for our unique and unforgiving Australian climate.

More security for your investment

We know how important it is for anyone to make the right choices when investing in solar energy systems. Our workmanship and minimum performance output guarantees offset risk factors, to offer more security for your investment.

Direct support and monitoring

No need to call us for help! Our digital monitoring systems allow us to keep track of your system data 24/7. If we notice any drop in performance, the next available specialist will be despatched to your location to help rectify the problem.