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We install LED Lighting for homes and businesses. Our experienced team uses only the best quality products so you get the best quality results.

Bright Ideas for Lighting

LED lighting is versatile and beautiful. It offers so many opportunities for creative and classy interior and exterior lighting design for your home or business.

Why choose LED lighting?

LED lights have outstanding energy efficiency. They’re up to 80% more efficient than fluorescent and incandescent lights. They also have very low waste, with 95% of their energy converted into light. Compare that with fluorescent lights that convert only 5% of the energy they draw into light, with 95% power waste.

Longer lasting

Most lighting manufacturers guarantee a life span of 50,000 hours for their LED bulbs, as compared to a very few thousand hours for incandescent light bulbs. LEDs are also more reliable and durable as they are usually encased in a high-strength compound that is virtually unbreakable. They also operate immediately at full power when switched on, making them ideal for any emergency lighting situations.

The sustainable choice

LEDs use less energy and material to manufacture, do not contain mercury or other toxic substances and their lower power consumption makes them better suited for use with alternative technologies such as solar or wind power. For any projects aiming to achieve a high Green Star rating, LED lighting is the best possible choice.

LED lighting saves you more money in the long-term. It’s long-lasting, energy efficient and bulbs come in many attractive styles to suit your home or business.

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